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We’ve been meeting milestones of our mission since 2018 by providing people with exceptional quality ebikes with name-brand components at surprisingly affordable prices. Keeping prices affordable without sacrificing quality has allowed for broader accessibility and the opportunity for more people to experience the benefits of ebikes. Spec for spec, you won’t find a better value anywhere else.

Replacing cars on the road has always been a big initiative for Ride1Up. We continue to encourage people to ride a bike over a car whenever possible. The smallest changes have the potential to lead to big impacts on the environment and one’s health.


×The Portola compact folding ebike takes value and performance to the next level with high-quality electrical and mechanical components, sleek styling, stunning colorways, and a practical folding frame design ready for any adventure.
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×With an upright yet responsive geometry, touring tires, hydraulic brakes, and a powerful class-3 capable motor, the Turris is an all-around comfort ebike equipped to explore and built for adventure.
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700 Series

×The ultimate electric biking experience. Hydraulic fork, hydraulic brakes, color display, 15 ah Samsung cells, high performance 27.5″x2.4″ ebike rated tires, fully integrated aluminum frame.
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Welcome to the world of off-road exploration with our lineup of E-Bikes designed for rugged terrains. Our off-road E-Bikes redefine adventure, providing unmatched versatility for riders seeking excitement beyond the beaten path. Whether you’re navigating through challenging trails, conquering off-road landscapes, or venturing into the great outdoors, our E-Bikes are your key to an exhilarating journey.

Cafe Cruiser

×Blissful comfort and plus-one cargo capabilities blended together for one of the most versatile and functional eBikes money can buy. Install our passenger kit and add a passenger on the back of the electric bike while cruising around your town.
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×Robustly designed to thrive in rugged environments with precision and stability, the Rift fat tire ebike is the epitome of adventure. Quad piston brakes, mammoth range and power, bundled with class 2-3 capabilities bridge the gap between versatility and comfort.
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×Redesigned, enhanced, and delivering unparalleled value for its price point. The LMT’D v2 boasts a torque sensor, elevating riders’ experiences with enhanced smoothness and responsiveness, while also extending range and efficiency.
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