Affiliate Profiles

Here are the profiles of the e-Bike companies that have partnered with EV Pedal Power through their Affiliate Marketing programs.

We’ve been meeting milestones of our mission since 2018 by providing people with exceptional quality ebikes with name-brand components at surprisingly affordable prices. Keeping prices affordable without sacrificing quality has allowed for broader accessibility and the opportunity for more people to experience the benefits of ebikes. Spec for spec, you won’t find a better value anywhere else.


We want to offer the best and coolest electric bikes for anyone, on any trip, in any situation, anywhere. With this goal in mind, we have built sexy, powerful and above all affordable eBikes, we are convinced that the bicycle is the best means of transport in urban areas. At ST3IKE, we strive to provide you with a top-quality electric bicycle at an affordable price. With our capabilities, we can offer innovative electronic technology that is accessible to everyone, at a price that was previously two or three times higher.


Tesgo, one of the leaders in the electric bike industry, was founded in 2016. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, we create reliable, technologically advanced, and comfortable electric bicycles. Transform your commute with Tesgo e-bikes. Tesgo is an opportunity to feel the longing to enjoy the movement and the shared moments with your loved ones. Feel yourself cutting through the air, rolling down the hill, and seeing the smiles of the people you ride with.


Founded in 2017, we’re all about elevating your hunt with elite performing ebikes. Ebikes are seriously game-changing for any hunting trip, boosting your chances of hitting the jackpot no matter how old you are. Forget the struggle of rough terrain – our electric hunting bikes have got you covered.

We’re stoked to be in the heart of this massive ebike revolution in hunting. When it comes to bagging that prize, having an electric hunting bike as part of your gear is a total no-brainer. Trust us, adding an ebike to your hunting toolkit is gonna take your game to the next level!

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