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Founded in 2017 I aim to help hunters elevate their hunt. The benefits an ebike can have on your trip are many and will increase your chances of success. Whether your age, ebikes can take the pain out of traversing rough terrain, whether that pain be physical or stress related.

Getting to your hunting positions without being noticed is one of the challenges of the sport. Moving into your duck blind or deer stand without making a lot of noise and without leaving a scent trail is highly important. While walking to your destination is a great option, carrying all your gear along can really be difficult.

Bakcou Mule 26″

the mule most popular e bike for hunters
×The Mule is built with a Smart motor that lets you toggle between Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 so you can stay legal wherever you ride it. The "torque sensing" Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor certainly sets it apart.
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Rambo Rebel 26″

rambo rebel 1000 watt hunting electric bike
×The Rebel 1000W is built with a high torque 1000W BBSHD Bafang mid-drive motor that is capable of putting out 120Nm of torque for easy hill climbing. You will find everything on this bike perfectly made for hunting and long-range riding.
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Quietkat Apex Pro 26″

×The Apex Pro has a top-of-the-line Bafang mid-drive motor that boasts a power output of 1000W VPO™ and is capable of handling even the most challenging terrain, and has outstanding capabilities when it comes to climbing.
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Welcome to the world of off-road exploration with our lineup of E-Bikes designed for rugged terrains. Our off-road E-Bikes redefine adventure, providing unmatched versatility for riders seeking excitement beyond the beaten path. Whether you’re navigating through challenging trails, conquering off-road landscapes, or venturing into the great outdoors, our E-Bikes are your key to an exhilarating journey.

Christini Fat 5 Untra

Christini Fat 5 Ultra Electric Hunting Bike
×the Fat 5 Ultra is Bafang’s powerhouse! With a maximum torque of 160Nm and 1000W rated power output (1500W Peak), the M620 is designed for high-end eMTBs as it will definitely get the heaviest loads accelerated on even the steepest incline.
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Dual Battery

Himiway Rhino Pro

×The Rhino Pro is robustly designed to thrive in rugged environments with precision and stability, the Rift fat tire ebike is the epitome of adventure. Quad piston brakes, mammoth range and power, bundled with class 2-3 capabilities bridge the gap between versatility and comfort.
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Rungu Dualie Steep

×The Dualie™ Steep is sporting a powerful 1120W Bafang Mid Drive motor with "Straight Up" climbing ability and can tackle real off-road challenges! It offers Class 1, Class 2, or Off-road only configurations so you stay legal in the area where you hunt. The Cargo Rack makes carrying your gear on narrow (motorcycle/hiking) trails easier than pulling a trailer.
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MotoTec Venom 72v 12000w Electric Dirt Bike
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