Internal Gear Hubs? eBike Transmissions

With the rising popularity of electric bikes, more and more have discovered the numerous benefits of ebiking ultimately making it a no-brainer choice for sustainable and cost-effective transportation. Thanks to the Internal Gear Hub.

Article written by "Ride1Up" September 24, 2023

What are Internal Gear Hubs?

This article will explain what internal gear hubs are, their advantages and disadvantages, and other factors to keep in mind when choosing an e-bike. Derailer systems are less reliable and need more upkeep than internal gear hubs. Internal-gear hubs, in contrast to derailers, can shift at a complete standstill, which is advantageous in stop-and-go urban traffic. Internally geared hubs incorporate transmission and engineering principles from the automotive industry. Spring clutches engage and disengage a collection of planetary gears within the hub shell to alter ratios.

Topics covered in this Post

1. What is an Internal Gear Hub?

2. Advantages of an Internal Gear Hub

3. Disadvantages of Internal Gear Hubs

4. What is a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)?

5. Advantages of CVT Hubs

6. Enviolo’s CVT Technology

7. Prodigy v2 – Mid-Drive Ebike with Enviolo Trekking CVT Hubv

8. Conclusion

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