Electric Bike Popularity

Electric Bike Popularity

US Electric Bike Popularity

According to bicycle retailers in the United States, Electric Bike Popularity is growing and the availability has surpassed other bikes where the supply has been low. Despite the fact that the e-bike market in the United States is much smaller than in Europe or China, an increasing number of Americans are beginning to recognize and appreciate the many advantages that an e-Bike can offer. As a result, the e-Bike market in the United States is finally growing. 

Electric bicycles are especially popular with those who are not avid cyclists already and want a little help when faced with hills, headwinds, or commuting/shopping with heavier loads or cargo. Both cyclists and recreational riders can travel much longer distances and climb hills without breaking a sweat. Since these bikes can be pedaled with or without the electric motor assist, they are still called bicycles. Electric bicycles are powered by rechargeable batteries and usually operate at speeds of 20 to 30 mph.

Pedal assist bicycles are extremely common among commuters and senior citizens in Europe, and are finally gaining traction in the United States as a safe, environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Despite the fact that the e-Bike market in the United States is much smaller than in Europe or China, an increasing number of Americans are beginning to recognize and appreciate the many advantages that an e-Bike can offer. 

Why are e-Bikes Gaining Popular in the U.S.?

Charlotte Ride Share
More Americans are recognizing and appreciating the many advantages that an e-bike can offer. e-Bike retailers in the United States have discovered a way to sell e-Bikes to an older yet active consumer, something European e-Bike retailers have done for years. As of 2015, nearly 28% of Americans are baby boomers, who are between the ages of 50 and 72. Many of them enjoy cycling but are unable to do so due to health problems such as knee and hip pain or exercise-induced asthma. Riding can also put a lot of strain on the heart, particularly if you’re an older rider. An electric bike’s motor will assist the rider in places where they can need additional assistance. Using electrical power often reduces the tension on the heart during a trip, lowering the risk of unexpected spikes caused by climbing hills or negotiating rugged terrain. Another group that seems to be interested in e-Bikes is young people in major cities in the United States. They often travel by bike rather than driving, avoiding the hassles and obligations that come with owning a vehicle, such as insurance, parking, gas, licensing, and overall maintenance costs.

Obstacles to Climb Over

One of the reasons the e-Bike market in the United States is so much smaller than in Europe or China is that there might be an attitude gap. In European and Chinese cultures, a bicycle is regarded as a mode of travel, while in the United States, a bicycle is regarded as exercise equipment or a mode of leisure. E-bikes also have the undeserved reputation of being “lazy people’s bicycles.” According to statistics, e-bike riders ride more than those who ride traditional bikes. Fitness-minded riders aren’t fans of e-Bikes because they’re built to make commuting easier. As a result, statistics show that the notion that e-Bikes are for lazy people is largely false and simply a fallacy. The level of cycling infrastructure and bicycle laws in any country are important factors in the popularity of bicycles. As several European and Asian countries have shown, having a healthy cycling network is critical to getting people out of their vehicles. Various bike sharing initiatives that have recently launched have aided in the promotion of cycling. For a few dollars per day, e-Bikes can be rented from hundreds of locations in most urban metropolitan districts throughout the U.S. When electric assistance is available to travel relatively short distances, riders are more likely to take advantage of a ride share e-Bike. Despite the fact that a federal law exempts e-bikes with top speeds under 20 mph and motors under 750 watts from state motor vehicle licensing, a few states have opted to restrict their use. This has created some uncertainty, however as legislation and classifications become less of a problem, the United States will see a higher rate of e-Bike adoption.
Exercise Bike

Mountain / Trail - Commuter / City - Cargo ?

Commuter and City-Cargo e-Bikes are the most popular category since they can be used for a variety of tasks such as commuting, pleasure riding, and household duties. Many come with or can be installed with rear and front racks for ample carrying capacity, low step-through height frames, and battery quantities and quality that will withstand day-to-day use. The Off-road e-bikes electric motor assistance really comes into play where the terrain gets very tough and the hills are more challenging. This class of e-Bikes are growing hugely in popularity as people discover how suitable they are for trails, dirt tracks and ideal for long distance off road touring. More and more Mountain / Trail e-Bikes are designed with mid-drive motors witch are more suited than hub motors.

Trail - Cannondale - Moterra Neo Carbon 1

“Impressively precise. Uncommonly agile. With its low center of gravity, modern geometry and short chainstays, Moterra’s handling is in a class of its own. Bosch’s powerful new Performance CX drive unit and a long-lasting PowerTube battery integrate cleanly into Moterra’s burly carbon frame. The power and range to ride anything — in a beautiful package.  Riders come in all sizes. Proportional Response is the only design that addresses this fact, tailoring the suspension layout by size so that every rider gets optimal traction, suppleness and control.”  Cannondale Bikes

Mountain - Trek - Powerfly FS 4

“Powerfly FS 4 is a full suspension electric mountain bike built to tackle rugged trail adventures. The plush suspension setup soaks up rough terrain, and the powerful Bosch electric drive system boosts your capacity to crush climbs and mile after mile of singletrack. This full suspension e-MTB is comfortable, efficient, and fast on rough terrain. The powerful Bosch electric drive system makes it possible to tackle any climb you encounter and adventure farther than ever.” Trek Bikes

Commuter/City e-Bikes

Some statistics and reports state that many Americans live less between 12 and 18 miles from work. This distance can take on average  20 to 30 minutes to drive. E-bikes are ideal commuting vehicles for commuters who live within this distance. E-bikes allow riders to go farther and quicker than they could on a traditional bike while paying a fraction of the price of a vehicle. E-bikes need very little maintenance and storage space, making them ideal for use in metropolitan cities and urban areas where parking spaces are often expensive and hard to come by. There are also folding e-bikes that can fit inside small spaces such as an apartment, an elevator, your office or even a car trunk. E-bike riders often travel by bike rather than driving, avoiding the hassles and obligations that come with owning a vehicle, such as insurance, parking, gas, registration, and overall maintenance costs. 

Commuter - Surface 604 - Colt/Rook

“A feature-complete and approachable step-through hybrid electric bike available in two frame sizes and two colors. The Rook comes standard with an integrated rear rack, fenders, and lights that run off of the main battery pack. The rear light activates when braking, the bike has two USB charging ports, and there’s an optional battery size upgrade!. A rare combination of a torque sensing with a hub motor delivers a smooth and responsive riding experience. The bike also comes with a trigger throttle, so you can relax or add power to climb hills or catch up to friends. Upright comfort-oriented geometry with a quality adjustable angle stem, wider swept-back handlebar, ergonomic grips, adjustable suspension fork, and high volume 2.4″ tires.” Surface Bikes

City - Aventon Level

“The Level is our flagship commuter e Bike, stylish silently with both levels of endurance and a ride-ability you can trust day in day out. The front suspension fork provides ultimate comfort whilst riding across any surface and the incorporated fenders protect you and your outfit no matter what the conditions are like outside. A preinstalled rack ensure that no matter how much gear you have, you can take it all with you on your Level Commuter e Bike. The beauty of this great combination of accessories is that this e Bike is as well suited to transporting all the items for an offsite meeting as it is to transporting all the goodies for a family picnic in the park!” Aventon Bikes

Cargo e-Bikes

E-Bikes are now being used by city couriers and food delivery services because they make it possible to easily navigate congested streets, can be parked almost anywhere. Unlike an automobile fleet, e-Bikes need very little maintenance. Such businesses could greatly expand their service area while rising delivery speed and volume by converting to a fleet of e-Bikes. Delivery services can increase the number of deliveries made in a single trip. They can also deliver heavier items. Motor assist gives e-Bikes the ability can handle much larger loads without exhausting the rider. Fortunately, there are some excellent cargo e-bikes available.

Cargo - Surly Bikes - Big Easy Long Tail

“Riding loaded with cargo is core to us here at Surly, whether we’re running a front rack and bag setup or a full-blown cargo bike and trailer. When it comes to geometry, Big Easy rides and feels like a normal-length bike. We also increased stand-over height clearance and threw in dropper post routing to promote bike sharing across different-sized riders. Consider it the 18-wheeler of the cargo bike world, minus the diesel fumes.” Surly Bikes

Cargo - RAD Power Bikes - RadWagon 4

electric bike
“It’s the strongest and most versatile version of the RadWagon yet, featuring smaller, innovative new tires developed by our in-house team of expert engineers to achieve a lower center of gravity. Its patent-pending new frame design ensures multiple points of adjustability, including a telescopic seat post and easily maneuverable handlebars.” Rad Power Bikes

Making the Transition

It’s not difficult to switch from a standard bicycle to an e-bike; after all, it’s a bicycle. Obviously, the motor is the primary difference between a traditional bicycle and an e-bike. You’ll also notice a large battery on the downtube or over the back wheel, as well as an LCD monitor with an integrated controller. It is strongly advised that you test ride an e-bike before purchasing one to determine if it is right for you. In general, e-bikes are less nimble than their mechanical equivalents. A motorcycle like twist-grip shifter that regulates the power of the electric motor or selects the level of pedal-assist may also be used to throttle the motor. The exact configuration  depending on the model that you buy.

At the End of The Day...

If the first thing that comes to mind when you get on an e-Bike is to see how fast it can go, we recommend that you reconsider and instead get acquainted with the bike at lower power levels. There are some very powerful e-Bikes on the market, and you may find yourself on something much more “faster” than you anticipated. Make sure to try pedaling the bike without the pedal assist turned on. Many e-Bikes are significantly heavier than ordinary bicycles due to the added weight of a lead-acid battery. Are you capable of pedaling it back home if or when the battery dies? e-Bikes, like electric cars, can take between 2 and 8 hours to charge. The most essential decision to make is the battery capacity, since it has a direct impact on the range you can ride on the bike while using pedal-assist or throttle. While the advantages of e-Bikes far exceed the downsides, it is nevertheless necessary to consider and be aware of the drawbacks. Some of those factors are: Cost, Weight, Maintenance, Parking/Security and Recharging Time.

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