The e-bike reduces emissions by 80% compared to the electric car

Reduce Emissions – The use of a bike, even with pedal assistance, as an alternative to a car has been shown to reduce emissions and costs in Canada.

Article written by "Stefano" March 5, 2024

Electric Bikes Reduce Emissions

Arrive at the neighbourhood school, head to the bakery, and find the closest newsstand. Brief daily excursions, for which an electric or conventional bicycle is perfect. Leaving your automobile (either conventional or electric) in the garage actually has a big positive impact on the environment. A recent study by researchers at the Polytechnic University of Montreal, Canada, supports this.

Topics covered in this Post

1. A study including 4,000 participants

2. Reduced traffic and increased savings

3. Cities Must Adopt Wise E-Bike Policies

4. E-bikes Have a Lot To Offer Cities

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